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How to choose the best hair style according to the occasion and attire?

Hairstyles matter a lot and can play a significant role in your personality and look. It is important that your hairstyle complements your attire and suits the occasion too which you are attending says Rachel. Here are some tips to get the best hairstyle according to your clothes and occasion.

Hairstyles according to occasion:

  1. says RachelIf you are wearing a lacy dress: Lacy dresses are mostly worn at romantic events or award functions. It is necessary to complement this dress style with the perfect romantic hairstyle too. An updo with some loose waves is the perfect and most simple hairstyle for this purpose. You can add some barrettes or flowers to add glamour and complete the look. To add waves you can use a curling iron and this look will suit even on ethnic occasions. Make sure to secure the updo with some bobby pins.
  2. If you are wearing a halter dress: the long and strappy appearance of halter dresses can be matched with a messy and high fishtail braid says Rachel. You can add volumizer to the hairs and create a high ponytail. After that go on with a loose fishtail braid and keep it in place with an elastic hairband. If your hairs are not long enough for this hairstyle then you can try out some clip-on hair extensions to get the desired length.
  3. If you are wearing a mermaid dress: these dresses and gowns are quite elegant and the hairstyle should be equally elegant for sure. Loose waves along with a braid can be a good option. Just braid your hair into a large loose braid and keep it overnight. Simply add styling serum after opening the braid and comb all hairs to one side. Add some hairspray to keep the hairs in place.
  4. If you are wearing a one shouldered dress: A ballerina bun should be the hairstyle to consider with a one-shouldered dress. This will give you a bold and dramatic look and grab attention of onlookers.

These are some of the recommended hairstyles according to the clothes.