Various VPN Services provided by itday

There are various VPN services provided by, the major services we have mentioned below:

Anonymity, metadata, and No Logging Policy:

With you surf anonymously and prevent your monitoring on the Internet. So it is no longer possible to read your identity or your location as you are hiding behind our infrastructure. As soon as the VPN tunnel is established, your IP will be replaced by our servers which are simultaneously used by thousands of other customers. All steps on the Internet are no longer traceable. In addition to the high-quality encryption, is pursuing a strict No Logging Policy – that is, we only store when your account expires and do not generate any metadata about you. Bad news for Big Brother, data collectors, and the advertising industry!

Geo Blocking and web locks:

Launched as a free network in which everyone can communicate with everyone and retrieve any information, the Internet is now increasingly monitored, censored and often manipulated. In some countries services such as Twitter, Skype, Facebook and YouTube and even Wikipedia are completely blocked – With the Internet is free and uncensored, country locks are a thing of the past.

Firewall and Intrusion Detection Systems

In addition to the standard firewall of your PC, all servers have a high secure firewall combined with additional protection mechanisms. As soon as you are connected to the Internet via our VPN servers, an attacker can no longer identify your IP and instead sees only our secure servers. Attacks on our servers are automatically blocked and the IP of the attacker is blocked. Maximum protection in all tariffs – anytime, anywhere! The best VPN service you will get with

Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android and LINUX support

We support all major operating systems in all devices, whether you are using a PC, Smartphone or Tablet PC, are supported. In the customer area you will find instructions for all configuration options – if something does not work immediately, our support is available!

Security at public hotspots

WLAN encryption such as WEP or even WPA/WPA2 is now no longer safe. More critical is the situation at public hotspots such as airports, hotels, cafes and public places. On such places also, you will get VPN service. In principle, each participant can read or manipulate your Internet traffic. With the VPNs, your data within the WLAN connection is encrypted so high that no one, even if it cracks the W-LAN connection, can decrypt it.

You should get the best quality ping pong table to enjoy the match

If you are a game lover, then it is the ideal time for you to buy an attractive ping-pong table. In the modern days, you will find numerous kinds of advanced ping-pong tables. These tables are not only available in various types but this ideal for the beginners as well. There are numerous manufacturer companies that are engaged in producing some unique ping-pong table. These tables are made of high-quality materials and available in cheap prize as well. You can go through the to know about the available features of the tables.

Know about the features of the ping-pong tables

The tables for the players can make you impressed by their good quality and cheap prize. The upper surfaces of the tables are ideal to practice the matches. The stands of the tables are also made of good quality materials like steel. The stands have the strong coating that increases their longevity. Apart from these things the best part of the table is it can be folded and moved to anywhere you want.

The folding tables can save the space if you want to keep it at your room. The passionate game lovers can be impressed on the table as it is made of the high-quality MDF materials and you can also consider it as a fiber board used on the table. The legs of the tables have some strong supports that can control the balance of the table when you are playing tennis on it. These tables are available in various colors that are long-lasting and easy to maintain. These tables are available in various packages like you can get these with pads and balls or nets and more. These high-quality, affordable tables can be the desired one for the professionals and the beginners at the same time.

When you are thinking of the buying a high-quality, durable table for practicing tennis, then you should know about the advanced features of it in detail, and now you can get the online as well. The site like can give you a hint about the new products available in the market. The guidance provided at this site can help you in buying a long lasting and durable table. When you are going to invest in a table for playing tennis, then you should be conscious and alert.

Vaping vs Smoking- All You Need to Know

An e-cigarette is an electronical device which is an alternative to tobacco cigarettes. These come in various forms but the basic thing about an e-cigarette is that it is filled with a liquid made of nicotine, flavors, glycerol and propylene glycol. The liquid gets heated by the battery as you puff on it creating an aerosol which is then inhaled. This makes an e-cigarette free of tobacco and real smoke. Although it is arguable if vaping is harmless, it can definitely be called healthy eCig in comparison to a tobacco cigarette. There are many ways how vaping sets itself apart from cigarette smoking.

Toxicity and Tar: When a cigarette burns it gives off toxic gases such as hydrogen cyanide and carbon monoxide. It also generates a sticky residue that tar. Carcinogen, the substance that causes cancer, is mainly found in tar. An e-cigarette, on the other hand, creates neither the toxic gases nor the tar.

Tobacco Content: Vaping does not involve any tobacco. Unlike a regular cigarette, an e-cigarette is filled with a liquid, better known as Eliquid. This is superheated by using the battery that comes in the stick to create the vapor.

Chemicals: The Eliquid is generally made of chemicals such as Propylene Glycol, glycerin, food grade flavor and nicotine – which is optional. While a cigarette contains around 599 additives. These additives when burnt changes properties to create more than 4000 chemical compounds – Formaldehyde, Megastigmatrienone, lead, Ethyl Furcate to name a few. 69 of these compounds are carcinogenic. Thing to note is that while using Eliquid you should buy one of trusted brand. Research online in sites like BuzWay for better understanding of this.

Cost: Even though a vaping kit costs more than a cigarette, the kit lasts way longer than a pack of cigarettes. A cartridge of Eliquid may last up to two weeks depending on how much you are vaping. Once you have invested on a vaping kit, you can refill it as and when required and end up saving much more than what you would if you spent on packs of cigarettes.

Flavors: comparatively healthy eCig comes in various flavors. Yes, e-cigarettes comes in various flavors too but the flavors of Eliquid range from beverages to fruits to desserts to spices to candies and a whole lot more.

Everything said and done, an e cigarette is not a regulated for its quality and it is most certainly is not harmless. It is a healthier alternative to cigarette but it’s advisable not to start vaping if you not already a smoker as it may lead to nicotine addiction.

How are the canopies made for getting the desired results?

As far back as the umbrellas initially showed up more than 3000 years earlier, progressions in innovation empowered makers to produce more modern umbrellas. As time passed by, new materials ended up being accessible, sturdier structures, mind-boggling parts for opening and shutting the canopy and numerous other advancements that prompted the present condition of umbrella industry. In spite of the fact that the first plan of old Roman canopies remains to a great extent unaltered, present day canopies are made to be strong, lightweight and more usable for shielding the user from rain, sun snow, and the wind.

Making the sunshades

Till some years back, the assemblage of the canopies or awnings were carried out with hand. But with the advancements made in the field of science and technology, many machines have been manufactured, which will automate the task of assembling various parts of the sunshades. What once used to take a significant amount of time can now be carried out in minutes. Now, the manufacturers of the canopies make use of the automated machines for designing and making the parts of the parasols.

Making the canopy

What once used to be made of wood is now made of various kinds of cloth. Making the canopy of has been changed dramatically. Earlier, the canopies were made of silk and other types of fabric. Now the umbrella is fitted with fabric that is waterproof as well as windproof in nature. They cut out the rays of the sun, the drops of water and also the hard slaps of strong winds. One thing that has to be kept in mind is that the covering on the top of the umbrellas needs to be crafted out of a single piece of fabric. It is important as making it out of a single piece of cloth will facilitate the movement of opening and shutting the parasol with ease.

Stretchers and Ribs

Apart from the canopies, a lot of care has to be taken during the manufacturing of the stretchers and the ribs. They are of prime importance as they stay attached to the cloth of the canopy and keep it in position. If the manufacturing of these gears is not done in the proper manner, the parasols’ operation will be flawed.

So, if you are thinking of entering the arena of manufacturing parasols, you need to acquire every bit of information about the tricks of the trade.

Improve business with advanced membership software!

Business processes have improved a lot in the recent years and the major reason for such a development is the implementation of the latest technologies. There are various technological advancements made every day but it becomes necessary to select the right one that would skyrocket the business process to a whole new level. In the world of internet, the success of any business organization depends on their level of influence over the internet among people. And it greatly reduced the effort of people in establishing a new business organization. This greatly increased the number of organizations involved in providing business services to the people. So in order to remain successful, the majority of these business organizations started implementing various strategies to attract more people towards them. Such an improvisation is made possible only with the help of various software applications that are available over the internet.  One of such would include the SquareSpace a platform that helps people in designing their website in a more convenient way. And when it comes to dealing with the people over large counts many of the retailing organizations started introducing the concept of the memberships.  Thus, there are even websites available today that provides software applications that could enhance the features of these membership managements along with improved facilities. One of such would the MembershipWorks which is a Membership Software SquareSpace compatible one.

Software and the business!

For any business organization, its growth depends on its number of customers and such customer counts depend on their preference among people. In order to become preferable among the people, these organizations should reduce the efforts of people to a greater extent in acquiring their needs.  Thus, these are more common when dealing with online retailing stores, where the individual is provided with the vast resources that could be accessed with an ease. And dealing with such a large group of people at a time could be a complex one.  So in order to make it simpler, these websites provide the facility to sign up that creates an individual account. All the purchasing and the other related activities could be easily managed. Thus, if someone is looking for adding such a membership facility to their website all they have to do is to get the rightful membership software that provides additional facilities to attract more people. One of such software would include the MembershipWorks which is a Membership Software SquareSpace compatible one that is easy to implement and use.




Different types of leather bags for men

Not only women needs a bag to load a variety of personal items as well as beautify her appearance but also men need a bag to be filled with various personal items while perfecting his appearance. Just like women there are so many different types of men’s handbags that exist today, such as men’s sling bags, men’s duffel bags, chest bags etc. To answer the needs of these men are now a lot of manufacturers who specifically make a special bag for the men, there is also a bag for women as well as men.

This is also what ultimately makes a lot of men’s bag stores popping up, both online and offline bag stores. Every store both online and offline of course have their own trademark. One thing is certain when you want to buy a bag at an online store is a good idea to be careful. Take a good look at whether the store is trustworthy, how consumers comment on what they bought at the store, how the quality of the goods in the store, etc. By paying attention to things like this, of course you will be more vigilant when buying bags needed.


Like a ladies handbag, a collection of men’s bags are also assorted, one of the most widely used handbags is a sling man model bag. Currently there are many types of sling bags that exist, here are some sling bags for men on the market:

  1. Briefcase

Briefcase as the name implies, this bag is usually used to store files, files, books, or anything else. This type of bag is most often used by men as a briefcase. This type of bag is usually carried by carrying or crossed. At first mens leather briefcase resembles a box with a square side, and does not have a lot of space.

  1. Tote bag

 This type of bag is another version of Briefcase bag, the appearance of this bag is much softer, and also more modern. This design bag is also another version of Carryall bag but in thin and long version. This type of bag can be used on several occasions like casual, for students or students, or for other leisure events.

  1. Messenger bag

This type of bag is often also called a courier bag, because this type of bag is widely used by couriers. There is a binder, where users can adjust the length or short of the bag you want to use. This men’s sling bag can be used in casual events, such as a school, or a walk. Now this type of bag comes with a more fashionable.

  1. Shoulder bag

As the name implies, this bag has a long rope that is usually used by being slung across the shoulders. The design of this bag is smaller than the messenger bag, and usually only used to carry some small items, which of course is used every day.


Top 4 richest athletes in the world

Athletes are a great source of inspiration for many people in the world. However, being a professional athlete takes a lot of hard work and determination. Moreover the level of discipline that they need to maintain throughout their career is a testament to the fact that they deserve all the accolades and the financial benefits that they get once they become world beaters in their respective sports. The financial benefits in particular can be quite staggering at times. Here is a list compiled by  of the top 4 richest athletes in the world.

Michael Jordon

The most iconic name in the history of NBA and the reason for millions of youngsters taking up the sport of basketball is Michael Jordan. His story is truly an inspirational one as he defied all odds to become the most celebrated basketball player ever. He tops the list of the richest athletes ever with a net worth of 1 Billion dollar. Apart from basketball he is also a well-known sportsperson, entrepreneur and an actor. His earnings also includes these other avenues too.

Michael Schumacher

Another legend comes second in the list of top richest athletes in the world. According to Michael Schumacher is the second richest athlete in the world with an estimated net worth of 800 million dollars. He is the most successful F1 driver in the history of formula one. He still holds multiple records. Most of his successes came while driving for team Ferrari. Post retirement he suffered a severe head injury to the skull which has kept him bed ridden since then.

Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon is the third in the list with a total worth of 750 million dollars. He is the current chairman and CEO of the professional wrestling promotion. This this 71 year old was also a professional wrestler in his youth. Apart from his role in wrestling he also is a film producer, announcer, sports commentator, TV producer, film director and actor.

Arnold Palmer

At number 4 is the celebrated American golfer Arnold palmer with a net worth of 675 million dollars. In a career spanning well over 60 years Palmer has managed to win 7 majors and is widely regarded as one of the greatest golfers in the history. He was inducted to the world golf hall of fame in 1974. Besides being a golfer he is also a successful architect and designer.

Private lounges for better airport hospitality

If we look few years back the facilities found in high end airport lounge are almost same all over the world. You could expect comfortable sitting, free internet access, an open bar at the lounges if you are traveling by first class or business class. But in these days the situation is much changed. You can find the top class facilities at modern high class lounges. Solve is a leading company providing high end Airport concierge.

Premium passengers have higher expectations and they want high level personalized service at airport lounges. Airport lounges have become a oasis away from masses and now they are not just a place to wait. Airlines provide several facilities at airport lounge such as massage therapists, cigar lounges, and private concierge facility for restaurant reservations. Airlines are working continuously in providing best Airport concierge in order to raise the comfort level. It is important to satisfy the customer needs in order to stop the risk of losing customers to private jets. Lufthansa and Qatar Airways have freestanding high quality lounges in their home airports. At Qatar Airways lounge at Doha passengers can work at computer stations or via Wi-Fi and you can shop at duty free shops for jewelry, liquor and cosmetics.

Some airlines alliances like Star Alliance are sharing airport lounges around the world. Some private companies are also there which provide airport lounge facility to the passengers. Solve is providing the best airport lounge to meet customer’s expectations. Solve will provide you all the facilities starting from waiting in the lounge area, transportation needs of the passengers. Here you will be served by the best professionals to meet all your comforts.

If you have an international first ticket then you can get access to the airline lounge and also get access for one of the guest with you. Passengers traveling in business class can also get access but cannot bring a guest. Some companies also offer access to the domestic travelers but it depends upon the region in which you are traveling. You can also buy traveling credit cards for lounge access. Airlines also offer lounge memberships for the passengers but it is a costly process. Passengers with memberships in any one of the alliance airlines can get access to any airline’s lounge. If you are not traveling by business class or first class still you can get access to the lounge provided by third party. You can get access to the lounge and comfortably focus on your traveling goals without any disturbance.

looking for a Maid, hire them directly

Want to have a Healthier relationship, Have loads of stress, performing tremendous tasks all over the hours? Maids are the best options to apply for. Having a maid is the best option to be free for life from all the activities, let it be from House keeping, House works, Cleaning, Handling infants, Maintaining the Old Age peoples, etc. You can Direct Hire Maid, through the various options available.

Maids are being hired based on the performance and the Cost factors; they are to be maintained with the perfect tasks of controlling ones activities over the nature. They tend to perform the work with respect to the time. They work from morning to evening and also night respect to the long working hours. One cans Direct Hire Maid through the various channels available through the friend circles, through different websites or locally through other channels.

The works or task are taken care by the maids are to control and maintain the cleaning and work culture with house keeping. Maids are the best choice to reduce the work pressure for us in home. They hire the Maids who clean the House completely. They maintain the cleanliness overall. They are hired at a lower cost than the other maids who work on hour basis rather than day basis.

Maids are also been hired to take care of the Pets, They are considered to take care of all the activities of the pets, from bath, food to cleanliness. They handle the pets in a usual way while playing with them and keeping them fit against time. Getting among the other tasks and keeping the things aside is a difficult one without the maids. To be free from all the tensions and work loads, people hire the maids to the work on their behalf.

Singapore is the best place, where the maids are hired often and changed. They are richly known for the maid services. Here the people tend to hire maid for even an hour basis. Depends on their working salary will provide to them in a monthly basis at the right time without any issue. This is the vital growth of the maids industry. Apart from above they also tend to work for more hours in the night for extra earnings. It is therefore considered that Maids are must for every living, they are best to perform the works on our behalf’s, cleaning to cooking and all other extra stuff. To live a healthy and long lasting relationship life, a perfect maid is to be hired for.


The Best Gaming Headphones to Purchase in 2017

A good gaming headphone can make a big variance in how you relish gaming both online plus off. The excellence microphones that gaming headphones offer is an apparent benefit for voice chat in multiplayer games, however, if you want toward play it loud at 2 a.m. plus need to keep it silent, a gaming headset could also provide flourishing, clear sound that won’t trouble the neighbors. Read the review of best headsets for Xbox one toward finding out which is greatest for you plus your gaming system.

Best Generally: Sennheiser G4ME ONE

Sennheiser’s G4ME ONE gaming headphones continue the extensive tradition of excellent quality and sound that’s anticipated from the Sennheiser name. The G4ME ONE is companionable with PCs, Macs, smartphones plus tablets, in addition to gaming supports that have a 3.5 mm audio port. The white plastic by red and black slim design proposals an exclusive look that’s great lightweight. The XXL-sized ear cups proposal velvet ear pads that completely include the ear offering outstanding comfort for protracted gaming sessions.

Finest Multi-platform Headset General: Kingston HyperX Cloud II

While it comes to sound excellence, compatibility, plus features at a sensible price, you won’t discover an improved gaming headset than the HyperX Cloud sequence from Kingston. Companionable with the computer and Xbox One (with adapter) it could satisfy all of your gaming requirements. It is also astonishingly light in weight, also, and the memory spume headband, as well as ear cushions, mean it is comfy over long gaming session. The genuine appeal here is how it executes, though.

Greatest Budget: Turtle Beach Ear Power Recon 50X

For a concrete lower price multi-platform headset another, the Turtle Beach Ear Power Recon 50X is a firm choice. It is companionable with mobile, PC, PS4, Mac, and Xbox One controllers by the 3.5mm jack (presented in all controllers afterward July 2015) out of the box, as well as with older XONE controls via the stereo headphones adapter sold distinctly.

Greatest for Xbox One: Microsoft Xbox One Stereo

Microsoft did not exactly create it simple plus easy to pick up harmonious multi-platform best headsets for Xbox one. Thus if you want to avoid all of the misperceptions and just purchase one you know would work, the authorized Microsoft Xbox One Stereo Headset is a firm choice. This bundle comprises both the headset in addition to the Stereo Headset Adapter, thus it is totally plugged and play with no extra setup required.