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Understand Endodontic treatment process

Root canal treatment is a dental treatment, which is also referred to as endodontic treatment. This treatment is given to the patient who has decay which is not superficial, but deep into the teeth so if deep decay present it is advisable to get the best root canal dentist singapore to get treatment.

A  tooth has a root and crown and the crown has three main components namely, enamel, dentin and pulp. Among this pulp is vital so which, when affected, gives immense pain.

When do you need root canal treatment

When decay in deeper affecting till pulp, then just by treating it with cement doesn’t treat the infection of the tooth but he needs to undergo root canal treatment or extraction. But root canal treatment saves you the teeth, so it’s advisable to better to go for treatment than for getting it removed.

Even root canal is done in the non-decayed tooth, in case of accident or hits to the tooth, the tooth due to sudden large forces it damages from within causing damage of pulp and it leads to discolouration of tooth.

Process of root canal

Firstly patient is administered with local anaesthesia, after which the treatment is started. Clean the decayed part with instrument generally airotor is used. After that access to the root canal is made. Once you enter the pulp canal, extirpate the dead and infected pulp completely. Place medicament if pain persists, and leave it and give medication and call the patient for the next appointment.

Clean the accessed canal with irrigating materials and shaping of the canal is done using various instruments.

After cleaning everything, there is a need of keeping the medicament inside the tooth and sealing it without any seepage of fluids inside the canal and even bacteria should not enter the canal or else reinfection may occur. So seal is airtightly so that nothing enters into it.

After root canal treatment even though you saved the tooth but the structure of it will be weak so it is advisable to keep the crown on that root canal treated tooth so that chewing would be better.

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