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Things to consider before buying a doll for baby

Dolls are the most common gifts given to babies.  However, avoid giving a large doll to a baby with a very small body.  If you want to buy a doll for a baby, you should also be concerned about its safety. The jellycat bunny singapore itself is a doll with the best and softest materials.

 How to choose a doll for a baby

 It is important to consider the safety of the baby when choosing a doll for him. Stuffed animals or characters can be your baby’s first friends as a child.  This doll will be a companion toy as your baby grows.  Choose one that looks adorable or colourful and catches your baby’s attention.  Your baby will love it.

 When the baby is about two or three years old, the character dolls can become bedmates and playmates.  If the doll is stored properly, it can still be played with until after your baby is big.

 Make sure the plush doll material is safe and comfortable for the baby’s skin. Choose materials that are safe and comfortable for your baby to touch, even if put in their mouths.  The material we recommend is organic cotton.  The organic cotton material is pleasant to the touch and soft for your baby’s delicate skin.

Apart from organic cotton, plush dolls made of terry cloth are also safe.  The loop-shaped fibres feel soft and don’t get caught in your baby’s tiny fingers or nails.  Plush dolls with organic dyes are also safe for babies even if the colour fades.  Especially if there is a “non-formaldehyde” label, you can rest easy by giving it to your baby.

Remembering these points before buying a toy for your baby will allow you to buy the best gift and even the safest gift.