How to use linear actuators in power windows?

The electromechanical linear helps in playing such a significant role in vehicle power treatment. Further, it helps to provide seamless and powerful windows as much as possible. The power windows are not just for cars but are used in so many settings. Further, the electric windows operate through a linear slide-through button on an electrical device. Also, these turn out to be great additions to smart homes. After pressing the button, the motor is activated, and the actuators will do their work.

The mechanisms used in power windows

  1. Chain actuators

These are used both for single and double variations, with the single ones attached to the vertical windows. Further, the double versions are best for more expansive windows. There is a chain to the pinions found on the drive shaft. When the pinions begin the work, the chains are rotated at a 90o angle. If the window is open, the chain gets attached to the window.

  1. Rack and pinion

The mechanism of the same is the rotational motion of the linear slide. Besides, the pinion is considered to be a circular gear. There is a gear with the teeth, and when the power is switched on, the pinion starts to rotate. The rack also moves along with the pinion. The rotational point is converted to linear motion.

  1. Road actuators

Here, a rod is fixed to the track with both parts put in an internal closing. When the rod is activated, the electric motor starts to expand. With the road attached to the window, the window also starts to move forward.


When you choose a window actuator, it should provide proper works to the homes and offices. Secondly, choose which one of the actuators works best for your use. It depends on the window types in the homes or buildings.