Exploring the Various Uses of CBD Flowers

CBD flowers are the new craze right now, and CBD companies, breeders, and cultivators are working left and right to bring you the best hemp flowers in the market today. However, some are wondering and want to understand the usage of CBD flowers, with some thinking, “..hemp flower what is it?” because of how foreign the idea is for them, especially for those who knew CBD as CBD oils or tinctures only. If you are dying to use CBD flowers right now but don’t know how, you’ve come to the right place.

CBD flowers are not just consumed through smoking, but they can also be vaped and ingested as edibles. So you can roll it, use a pipe, or put it in your brownies. There’s no limit when it comes to these beautiful green flowers. And lucky for you, you get to learn them here.

Smoking CBD Buds – The Original Way

The most common way for you to use CBD flowers is by smoking them. Even though it contains less than 0.3% THC, you can still smoke it like any other THC pre-rolls or nuggs that you used to smoke with friends. Hemp flowers grown indoors and with the best organic process have high CBD levels with great terpene profiles. On the other hand, outdoor CBD flowers might now taste good and may have low CBD levels.

Another Smoke Inside Your Lungs but Cleaner – Vaping CBD Flowers

For those who want a cleaner way of consuming CBD, then you can choose to vape it. But you will still get smoke inside your lungs, just not as harmful or damaging. Vapor is much better absorbed in your lungs compared to smoke, so vaping hemp flowers may be more potent than smoking it. It can also preserve the terpenes that imbue CBD flowers with their unique and incredible tastes. You can easily pack a dry herb in the vaporizer of your vape and bring it anywhere with you. Some won’t even have smoke or smell with them, so it’s more discreet.

Eating CBD Flowers the Safe Way

You can eat CBD flowers as long as it has been heated until the cannabinoids it carries have been correctly decarboxylated (activated). But the best way for you to ingest it is to mix it with coconut oil or mix it with food instead of eating it alone.