Best Surgical Bra to Consider After Breast Reduction Surgery

No matter if you undergo a Breast Reduction, Augmentation, or Lift surgery, it is quite normal for the patients to think about the surgical bra after breast reduction. You will find yourself searching for the right  bra to wear after surgery.  But, there is nothing to stress on it, this guide we will help you find the perfect fitting bra!

Advantages of Wearing the Surgical Bra

  1. After the breast reduction surgery, wearing the post-surgical bra will be very important, since they offer a lot of benefits that will help you to heal & recover faster. For the starters, the surgical bra compresses an area, promoting right blood circulation. Right blood circulation has many benefits in itself, decreasing inflammation & decreasing fluid to get rid of hematomas.
  2. The surgical bra can conceal an area and protect the incisions & infection. However, the post-surgical bra must be very comfortable and provide complete support, particular as you cannot raise the arms. Let us check out some important features that allow support and comfort.
  3. Plan to wear compression bra for many weeks after the breast surgery. Make sure you ask your doctor before you switch from the surgical bra to the sports bra, and from the sports bra to normal bra. This generally takes 6 weeks.
  4. Suppose you are given a go-ahead of switching to normal bras however find your old ones does not fit you properly, resist your urge for going on the shopping. Buy just some new bras, which fit you, as shape and size of the breasts will continue to change in the next coming weeks or months.

Thus, these are some of the important things that you need to consider when wearing surgical bra and moving to wearing regular bras. Make sure you take your doctor recommendation before buying a new bra.