Photoshop Features That Every Graphic Designer Must Know

Photoshop is a great tool that lets people edit and create stunning images during post-production. The software has many advanced features that make the tool the best editing tool you’ll find today. This is probably the reason why most of the graphic designers use the tool daily to edit the images. If you’re just beginning with using the tool, you will find various Photoshop tutorials for beginners that will help you in learning the basics.

However, after you know all the basics of the software you might be tempted to know what else does the software have in store for you. Especially if you’re a graphic designer, there are many advanced features of the software that you might leverage to create and edit graphics and images.

Here are some of the advanced features of Adobe Photoshop that most of the Photoshop tutorials for beginners won’t teach you:

Use the masks

One of the essential things that every graphic designer must learn in Photoshop is masking. It lets you to easily cover up for the effects and graphics rather than erasing them. This means that you don’t lose any of the previous work that you do and you can get it back whenever you want to tweak the image a little. This is why it’s important to you toknow how masking is done especially if you’re a graphics designer.

Alignments and spacing

When you select multiple layers for any image you’ll find various options for spacing and alignments in your control bar. This will let you customize the spacing and alignment between all the different layers that have been opened. You can leverage this feature to change the position of different elements present in the image to make it look beautiful and symmetrical.

Shapes and vector graphs

You get the ability to use and create various shapes and vector graphs in Photoshop using the shape tool or the pen tool that’s present in the controls. These shapes and vectors let you create various shapes and sizes that could be used to edit your image. Moreover, these tools are very easy to use and you needn’t spend much time in learning how they work.

Smart objects

These are a way to package a number of layers or even an individual layer in your PSD to let you save the graphics in the package. This feature comes in very handy when you’re working with the graphics that you need to size down to very small. The feature also lets you lets you apply many non-destructive filters to your image. Also, you can link many smart objects across different files as well. The smart objects are very powerful tools and you must know how to leverage them while using Photoshop.