Important Point to Keep in Mind before Buying an Apartment

Planning to buy a new apartment can be a very complicated job to go for especially when compared to buy a house, as here you are not buying the land outright! Here, in this write up we have mentioned some of the most important things to keep in mind before you buy an apartment at City Walk Building 19.

Know the difference between freehold and leasehold

Remember, a freehold property is the one where you tend to own the home and the land where it is built. Plus, a leasehold property is the one where you can buy the property and share the land with others in some way or another. Apartments are leasehold properties, as you share your building with other people.

What are the service charges involved in the process?

Well, here you need to know that how much is the ground rent along with the service charge that you will have to pay in order to reside in the City Walk Building 19. You must know about the one who is responsible for the repairs when required, this will help you budget accordingly. Know about the services and the charges involved. This is a regular cost that you will have to pay when you move in.

What all Changes can you make?

Ask the brokers if you are free to make certain alterations to the property before buying the apartment. Try to know about the restrictions, if there are any. The alterations can range from removing the internal walls to the subtle ones. If you have big plans to remodel your apartment, then please check the details with your solicitor whether they allow you to have those changes. Plus, you may need to get it written as their consent before carrying the process of alteration out.