How to choose an HGH supplement

HGH is a hormone produced both in humans and animals. The function of this hormone is to inhibit the overall growth process. HGH is vital to the body and its absence or deficiency can lead to several health issues including stunted growth, body aches and lack of vitality. All in all, HGH is very important for human development.

HGH has been available as a drug for quite a while now. Initially limited to medical use, HGH today is available commercially and is used often as an anti-aging treatment as well as bodybuilding supplement. The commercialization of HGH has also led to its wide availability. But that means that not all HGH supplements are safe.

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If you are determined to take HGH as a supplement, be very careful. In order to choose a good one, there are several things you need to keep in mind. You can find a good guide at

Let’s go over the main points briefly here-

1- Brand

Look for brands that produce the authentic stuff. Many companies produce duplicate material and that would mean great side-effects to your body.

2- User rating

Take the time to review user ratings before making a purchase. By user rating, we do not mean the online ratings that may be phony. It is best to consult with some or many people if possible who have already used the supplement.

3- Doctor

It is best to consult with your doctor before taking any medication. HGH is no exception. Your doctor will be able to guide you concerning dosage, side-effects and will definitely recommend you a good product.

4- Ingredients

If possible verify the ingredients used in your supplement. Supplements made out of authentic, all natural material are less likely to cause side-effects. If the brand is good, the company will be transparent about its production policy.

Do a little research, whether its the website or making phone calls to the dealer or the company. You can go through online recommendations like at and then verify the products through your own means. It’s your body and you must know what you are planning to put into it.