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issue 4



Patrick Walsh

Jade Kennedy

Natascha Scrivener

Vivien Jones

Natalie Moores

Susheel Kumar Sharma

Jennifer Sizeland

Bianca Sarafian

Bridget Khursheed

B.Z. Niditch

Mary S. McLuskey

Austin McCarron

Amado Storni

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Welcome to issue 4 of poet and geek.

In the nooks and borders we take a trip down the dark path where trees become music boxes and bodies make machines. Beards of running water, bombs that caress, homesick elephants and Leonard Woolf. And why a poet's life is full of lies. There is a travelling zoo of poetry to disturb and enjoy that may make life in more settled climes look just a little dull.

We have work from writers new to poetandgeek.com including Amado Storni, Bianca Sarafian, Natascha Scrivener and B.Z. Niditch. And new work from Susheel Kumar Sharma's recently published collection The door is half open, alongside poems from Vivien Jones and Mary S. McLuskey.

Explore life on the edge. It is not what it seems. You won't be disappointed.

not sea captains but innocent burglars
Vivien Jones


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