mret water

H2OM water and MRET technology created with health in mind


the WaveRider was built using Igor Smirnov’s patented (US Patent 6022479) Molecular Resonance Effect Technology (MRET); H2Om represents a revolution in the water industry (and all other liquids). Unlike most water technology, which is focused on the domain of biochemistry, H2Om’s is focused on the biophysics component of water and utilizes MRET-driven mechanics to accomplish this. Hydration of the cells can be achieved more quickly using H2Om activated water, which has been shown to have 400 percent greater viscosity than ordinary water. Regular water becomes highly fluid, which makes it great for transporting nutrients to our cells and for detoxing the cells of our body. It also becomes super-efficient at detoxifying our cells.

It utilizes Molecular Resonance Effect Technology (MRET) to activate liquids, which is accomplished via a specifically engineered polymer. Activated liquids can increase hydration capacity while also being readily absorbed by the body’s tissues. The mret water enters your cells 3x to 6x quicker than regular water, depending on the concentration. It is dependable, effective, and helpful, and it contributes to your health in various physiological ways.

Safeway for water consumption

The frequencies etched into the H2Om activated water are comparable to the frequencies imprinted into the biological water found inside our cells. Consequently, they produce a resonance effect with the cells of our bodies, energizing them. It is also essential to note that the molecular structure of H2Om activated water is linear, which allows for fast hydration of the cell and, therefore, rapid detoxification of metabolic waste, including radiation toxicity.

An activator for Molecular Resonance Effect Technology (MRET) water produces a modest, low-frequency electromagnetic field similar to the natural geomagnetic field found around healing water springs.


In addition to preventing cell dehydration, MRET water has been shown to slow down the aging process, which is strongly linked to cell dehydration. It aids in the transportation and absorption of nutrients, as well as the cleansing of the body.