Different birth control methods and their effectiveness

When women are married and is in a reproductive age, some of the common problems they face is in the necessity to prevent unwanted pregnancies. This is because a lot of people might have planned to delay pregnancy due to some reasons which won’t be possible without the use of any of the birth control methods. Choosing one of the right methods is essential so that it would work how it wanted to. Checkout emergency contraceptive pill which can work immediately without taking few days of time at all.

If you are not aware of some of the birth control methods available and how effective they are, then this is the right place. They are as follows,

  • Intrauterine devices that are inserted into the uterus are one of the methods that will prevent fertilization as it contains copper in it. It can work in 7 days. It can be very effective if it get inserted in the right day and it can last upto 10 years and the one that contains the hormone could last about 3 ton6 years. It is said to be 99 percent effective when compared with other methods.
  • Birth control implant is another which is inserted under the skin of upper arm and it also gives 99 percent effectiveness if it is done in the first 5 days if a cycle and it works immediately. Else it will take 7 more days to work. Patches, condoms, diaphragms and many others are lesser in effectiveness and so it might not be the right ones to be used. Make sure you check how an emergency contraceptive pill work on usage than the other common ones used in our country so that you need not face any issues or side effects as well.