fresh oysters singapore

Some interesting facts about oyster

Many of us know oysters as a tasty delicious on our table but did you ever know that these spices play a big role in the coastal surroundings. But due to the increased pollution in the oceans, these species are facing a lot of threats. You must safeguard the oyster if you want to eat fresh oysters Singapore. Let us see about them in brief.

  • The oyster helps to clean the water, yes that is true each adult oyster cleans a small bathtub quantity of water every day. When they take water through their gills the particles are captured, it works as a strainer.
  • You will surprise to know that the oyster can change their genders. Most of them are come out as male but after few weeks they change to female.
  • There are very few oysters that produce natural pearls which can be used for jewelry. Human intervention is required to get such pearls. The oyster cultivators usually introduce a small sand grain in it and to avoid the irritation caused by it the oyster forms wall around that particle and you get the pearls.
  • It also protects the coastlines from big storms and tides by neutralizing the energy of the tempest. The reef of the oyster serves as a protective shelter for many sea animals from predators. They stay in the reef of the oyster and eat the small creature which comes near to the reef.
  • The oyster also breathes through their gills similar to the fish. They have a heart with three compartments in it which passes the blood throughout the body of the oyster. They have colorless blood.
  • The shells of eth oysters are recyclable. Many people who stay around the coastline gather all these shells and make new reefs in them.


Hope this information has helped you to gain more knowledge about the oyster and hope you will enjoy different delicious’s of oysters.