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Pokemon Go Tips & Tricks Everybody Must Know

Pokemon Go attracts player’s years after years of launch. However, even though you are quite familiar with this hit game, there is always a lot to learn. With this in mind, here are some biggest and top pokemon go acount tips and tricks that will help you to get more from this game.

Do not Power Up Your Pokemon Immediately

It is quite tempting to try and make the Pokemon powerful immediately, but the Pokemon Go tip will be essential for the beginners: do not power up and evolve them immediately. After you catch the Pokemon, you will see Power up option below it. Every level of the powering up consumes stardust and candy. It increases combat power of Pokemon; however, cost of powering up will increase as well. Suppose you waste your candy in powering up the first Pokemon, you will not have enough for evolving them. Moreover, you will likely end up in catching the better Pokemon out.

Check Stats and Get Best Pokemon

Pokemon have various attributes that determine how nicely they perform in the fight: combat power, individual value stats, and attack types. You would not like to waste any candy by evolving Pokemon with the low IV stats, as they are easily beaten by the other Pokemon. There’s not any way to check IV stats directly in the Pokemon Go. However, you will get the team trainer for giving you the overview on how Pokemon measures up. For checking Pokémon’s stats, choose Pokemon that you would like to evaluate. Tap on menu icon on a bottom right of screen, where you will see appraise option and team leader then can give you analysis. Pokemon with the high overall stats can get the responses from trainers:

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Pokemon with one stat reaches maximum value can get responses:

  • I am blown away by stats. WOW!
  • Stats are best I have ever seen! No doubt!
  • Its stats exceed calculations. It is incredible!

These are some Pokemon you must aim to evolve in case you wish to use it in gyms and raids.

Save Lucky Eggs

If there is one Pokemon Go trick that a lot of wish they would known while they started, it is this one… Just save your eggs! The lucky eggs are the in-game items, which will give you the double XP for just 30 minutes; however, you must use them sparingly.